Incêndios são ocorrências extremamente perigosas. Perigos comuns envolvem:


Grandes quantidades de chamas apresentam inúmeros perigos.

* Inalação de fumaça. The whole zone will be saturated with the equivalent of a Chemical Attack, with an AP rating ranging from 01 AP to 08 APs depending on conditions; If a person's DEX is reduced to 0, the effects becomes Poison Touch with the same APs. Smoke inhalation is the most common cause of death in fires. Note that crawling face close the floor is a bad idea - that's where heavier-than-air gases are and unsurprisingly they are poisonous. It's best to ambulate on all fours and breathe at that level.

* Falta de visibilidade. Most of the time, the action will be considered to occur in darkness (BOH:SE p151). The conditions in a building on fire are highly disorienting, and the GM may occasionally require Difficult INT/INT rolls to orient yourself under such conditions. Professional firemen reduce this difficulty by one step (or two if they have a Scholar in their profession).

* Enfraquecimento de construções. Risks include crashing through a weakened floor, or receiving burning parts of the superstructure on the noggin (the later being typically an AV 08/EV 06 attack ; getting free is a Difficult or Strenuous STR/STR roll).

* Calor brutal. Coming close to a raging fire is enough for Flame Project attack, tested against BODY/BODY. Intensity is usually 01 or 02 APs, as it can make a normal person pass out pretty fast. Being directly exposed to fire will have an AV/EV ranging from 03/03 (small fire) to 08/08 (raging inferno) (BOH:SE p151). Chemical fires may reach an even greater AV/EV, typically 10/10.

* Ter as suas próprias roupas (ou uniforme) em chamasé normalmente considerado um ataque de AV/EV 03/03 contra OV/RV igual a Corpo/Corpo - mas AV e EV aumentam em um ponto por rodada, até o máximo de 06/06. Cair no chão e rolar, ou ter alguém para abafar as chamas ou borrifa-los com espuma, costuma funcionar e extinguir as chamas em uma rodada.

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